Thrive Neurodiversity in the Workplace Champion workshop

This is a half-day workshop delivered either online or face-to-face.

This workshop is designed for anyone that wants to become a Neurodiversity Champion – someone who wants to educate and change the way that neurodiversity is viewed in your company.

The aims of this workshop are:

  • to lead acceptance of neurodiversity across the workplace and beyond
  • help facilitate and change the culture in your workplace around neurodiversity and its acceptance.

The result of completing an Aware webinar and a Champion workshop combined means that you will become a Thrive Neurodiverse Standards Employer.

What you will learn in the Champion workshop

  • Confidently list the main neurodiverse conditions and the set of strengths common to each condition
  • Develop an understanding of how an individual living with each condition may present within the workplace
  • Gain a basic understanding of executive functioning
  • Understand the concept of neurodiversity in terms of executive functioning within daily life
  • Personally experience what it feels like to have an executive functioning challenge.
  • Understand why it’s important for diversity and inclusion to include neurodivergent individuals
  • The concept of school trauma and the impact this has on learning new skills
  • Understand how meltdowns and shutdowns occur and the negative impacts they have
  • Discover ways to create a more sensory-safe working environment
  • Understand the idea that anxiety can be caused by external factors
  • Be able to recognise anxiety within yourself and others, and learn ways to manage anxiety
  • Create a mental health and wellbeing virtual toolbox to support yourself and anyone else experiencing a crisis
  • Learn the importance of clear communication and develop an understanding of how complicated communication actually is
  • Start to understand that all behaviour is communication and aim to support rather than judge.
  • Unpack that communication errors are faults on all sides and find out how to prevent low morale within a workplace.
  • Discover the importance of supporting those who self-identify as neurodivergent
  • The positive impact that you can make through reasonable adjustments

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