About us

Thrive was formed in 2019 by Simon Nichols, with the intention of training and educating as many people as possible in mental health and wellbeing, through accredited courses and online workshops and webinars.

Why choose us...

Our team members are often called upon to deliver keynote speeches and educate around wellbeing and mindfulness.

Our simple ethos which every trainer and associate trainer carries with them is “it’s time to thrive, not just survive”. This means that we want every member of society to have access to training and materials that help us understand and manage mental health and wellbeing for a better, brighter future.

Through our effective training programs, we want you to develop, flourish and thrive; to build up your mental strength to help yourself; and equally importantly to help others as well.

Our CSR (Corporate and Social Responsibility) program is aimed at allowing charities and not for profit organisations to take advantage of sponsored training course places and workshops to enable as many of our frontline care staff to get vital training.

Thrive Mental Health and Wellbeing

Thrive is a Disability Confident Employer

Here at Thrive we’re so proud to now be a part of the Disability Confident campaign, we are now a committed disability confident employer. Find out a little more about what this means here

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The Thrive Family

Simon Nichols the It's time to Thrive founder
After spending 26 years in corporate IT sales and marketing, Simon realised the time was right to pursue his passion in helping people to manage their mental health better, and to help recognise poor mental health in others.Using the skills gained during his time at the large multi-nationals in senior management positions, Simon has a unique insight into how organisations and management treat mental ill health. He now helps individuals and companies to embrace good mental health working practices.  Married with 5 children, a dog and a cat, and living in Milton Keynes, Simon knows what a busy home and work life is all about…
Cheryl has a BA (Hons) in Special Educational Needs and over 10 years of experience working with autistic individuals at their homes, specialist and mainstream schools, and business locations. She uses a variety of interventions to help get the best results based on each individual’s needs. Everything she does is people centred. Cheryl has shared her ideas on the TEDx stage, and delivered face-to-face and online training. As a parent to three autistic teenagers and having an autistic and dyslexic diagnosis herself, she is well placed to share her knowledge based on personal experience. Cheryl is a massive advocate for positive wellbeing and has completed various trainings in the field of wellbeing including Meditation, Mindfulness, Relax Kids, and Story Massage. She has been featured regularly on BBC Three Counties Radio giving expert advice on how to manage your personal wellbeing.
As a distinguished toastmaster, Binal is a sought-after speaker within her specialist area of inspiring confidence in public speaking. Throughout the many clubs and projects, she has been involved with over her time with Toastmasters, Binal has been particularly keen to promote active listening, positive body language, impromptu speaking and speaking online.These projects have been developed into workshops that she is keen to promote to the wider world, external to the Toastmaster community. Binal also runs a ‘Confident Speakers’ lunchtime group and an ’Online Orators’ speaking group that enables members to communicate confidently, especially within a professional, corporate environment.
Joni-Rae Carrack

Joni-Rae Carrack is a qualified MHFA Instructor who is passionate about finding creative ways to raise awareness about mental health and wellbeing.
Joni-Rae has lived with Generalised Anxiety Disorder since the age of 11, so is well versed in the ups and downs of chronic mental ill health. Her approach is to be honest and non-judgemental.
With a BA in Modern Drama Studies and an MA in Advance Theatre Practice, Joni-Rae specialises in puppetry theatre to express how it feels to experience mental ill health. This approach works on both adults and children, and she has used her unique method to explain parental depression to primary school children in her show ‘Not Today, Celeste!’.
With an engaging and inclusive style, Joni-Rae delivers Lived Experience talks, the Adult 2 Day MHFA Course, the Aware 1/2 Day Course, and the Refresher Course.
Joni-Rae lives in Brighton with her husband and dog. She loves walking in the woods, baking and board games.

Richard Stewart - a member of the Thrive family

Richard has built and run a host of diverse companies in publishing, marketing, transportation, catering & property. Whilst researching a semi-autobiographical book on adolescent mental health in 2017, he initiated a collaboration with the University of Suffolk’s Students’ Union. The result was the Student Life charity, for which he is now CEO. The project has grown phenomenally and now partners with over 65 schools & colleges. It is also a multi award winning charity which is supported by prominent organisations, businesses & education provisions in Suffolk and beyond. The latest roll out underway includes pilot settings in Norfolk and Kent. Early in 2019, Richard also qualified as an instructor for Mental Health First Aid England.

Sue Garner

Sue Garner is an award-winning facilitator with over 20 years’ experience, specialising in mentoring, coaching and training individuals and leaders.   Whether it’s developing your managers, winning more business through persuasive presentations or improving personal effectiveness and wellbeing, Sue helps teams deliver exceptional results.   

Drawing on a learning and development background in both private and public sector, Sue’s experience includes facilitating stress management and resilience workshops for individuals, leaders, civil servants and police sergeants/inspectors.  Sue uses an extensive tookit, including a dash of humour, to enable individuals to take their skills, attitudes and behaviours to an advanced level, instilling confidence and self-awareness. 

As a lifelong learner, Sue also mentors and trains other trainers,  and runs a monthly online group ‘The Training Club’ which trains, upskills and supports  trainers/facilitators to develop, flourish and be amazing in their specialist field!

Sue is also passionate about empowering women and students, regularly speaking and facilitating at events such as Women Enablement Days and careers events, empowering them to be heard, be confident and be resilient in life and work. 

Jenny Mills

With a background of nearly twenty years in primary education as a qualified teacher and leader, Jenny Mills understands the expectations and contradictions that come with working in a high pressure environment. Jenny has lived with the mental and physical health challenges of several eating disorders since her teenage years and in 2018 found real change and balance through hypnotherapy. She retrained as a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist in order to help others make positive lasting changes through learning the skills of focused attention, believed-in imagining and virtual rehearsal. She delivers workshops on stress, anxiety, public speaking, habits, addictions, self confidence, insomnia, fears and phobias, following up with additional sessions and support for those individuals who are ready to leave behind their unhelpful coping mechanisms in order to bring their best to their personal and professional lives.