Neurodiversity in the Workplace Aware Webinar

Our introductory webinar provides the perfect gateway into understanding and supporting neurodiversity. 

The aims of this 1-hour session are:

  • to increase your understanding of neurodiversity
  • learn how to properly support neurodiverse individuals in the workplace
  • and more importantly help to unlock their huge potential

The Aware webinar is delivered online only, and is a pre-requisite for our Champion and Manager’s workshops.

What you will learn in the Aware webinar

  • Be able to list the main neurodiverse conditions and the set of strengths common to each condition
  • Understand the concept of neurodiversity
  • Explore the common myths around neurodiversity
  • Discover perception stereotypes
  • How time at school impacts self-esteem and confidence
  • Discover the link between unsupported neurodiverse conditions and mental health disorders
  • Gain an understanding of the challenges faced by neurodiverse individuals in terms of communication and being social
  • Be introduced to sensory overload
  • Understand why the autism spectrum and neurodiversity spectrum are not a line to put people on
  • The positive impact that you make through reasonable adjustments

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