Is the autistic brain a brain that has evolved?

An image of a brain on a purple gradiated background

Many years ago when my children were first diagnosed with autism I told them that I thought they were very special and their brains were superior as they were more prepared for the future than anyone else.

I had no idea that 14 years on this concept would be being proved. With the thought of social distancing creating such anxiety for so many people, my children are going to be living their life as they usually do. They are not refusing to take this advice, they have just spent most of their lives practising social distancing.

They have learned to enjoy their own company.

They do not need to seek the approval of others to feel good about themselves.

They find pleasure in simple repetitive activities and therefore do not become bored and stressed.

I myself have definitely welcomed the advice to avoid physical contact with others, hugging people who I don’t have a relationship with has always made me feel uncomfortable.

Now is the time for everyone to reflect and reset. A lot of the nation right now are concentrating their thoughts on Covid 19 and the lack of toilet roll, maybe it will be better for wellbeing to do as autistic people love to do and find something else to hyper focus on.

I use hyper-focusing as a way to quiet the millions of thoughts and ideas that run around my brain. When you hyper-focus the only thing you can think about is whatever activity it is that you are currently doing like painting, reading or learning a new skill.

The world as we know it is changing massively, life is changing daily and this is causing great anxiety. For many autistic individuals change brings about great anxiety. Maybe now this is a chance for everyone to understand the levels of stress and anxiety that autistic individuals have always felt when plans change.

I hope that after all of this has passed and we come out the other side, the world will have a new understanding of autism as well as a renewed feeling of gratitude for life.