A soft focus image of some people on a training course. They are sat round a table, talking and laughing. The table is full of folders, pens, mugs, and training materials.

What is executive function?

By Rob Hill What is executive function? It sounds a bit corporate doesn’t it, like something to do with being good at your job. And it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue. The pedant in me protests that we should be saying “executive functioning” instead. But executive function (correct term) is something that we all

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A stylised image of many people of different bright colours, all linked together to represent creating an inclusive workplace culture.

Start creating an inclusive workplace culture today

by Rob Hill You want your team to be happy at work, right? Comfortable with their roles, comfortable working with their colleagues, and clear on their responsibilities. Then you can start creating an inclusive workplace culture today. It’s a cliché, thrown around so much that it sounds trite, but your team will be more productive

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